Flat Fee Wealth Management

Flat Fee Wealth Management

Our Flat Fee Wealth Management program delivers both investment management and ongoing financial planning in a simple, straightforward arrangement… for one flat quarterly fee.

This program is best suited for individuals needing both investment management and financial planning on an ongoing basis… and in scenarios that cannot effectively be satisfied with less frequent hourly-based counsel and simpler solutions.

Our average client here has financial assets in excess of $1 million, is retired or soon-to-be retired, and has a goal to enjoy their wealth in the most efficient manner possible. In a way, we’re like a combination of a financial planning team, investment manager, and a payroll service – all wrapped into one – for you and your nest egg.

Our Flat Fee Wealth Management service includes the following:

  • Regularly scheduled check-ups for your entire financial life
  • Complete portfolio management across all of your accounts in one highly efficient strategy
  • Enrollment in rebalancing software that helps us manage your portfolio for optimal balance and a close eye on taxes
  • A digital portal that tracks your inflows, outflows, investment returns, and allocations for every account you own, no matter where they’re held, powered by Advyzon®
  • Online access to eMoney® financial planning software to organize your entire financial life in one convenient place
  • Collaboration with CPAs, attorneys, insurance agents, bankers and any other professionals helping you manage your finances

For information that’s far better than what a website can tell you, give us a call at (630) 381-1170. We’d love to hear from you!