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Clear Simple Planning Insights

Your life is complicated enough without having to decipher the language of personal finance.

Let us serve as your translator to make things a bit easier to comprehend. The purpose of our writing is to provide you a better understanding of financial planning topics in a clear and simple manner.

Are You Paying Too Much for Financial Planning and Investment Management Advice?

Are You Paying Too Much for Financial Planning and Investment Advice? Donovan Sanchez, CFP® Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Most financial advisors are compensated through commissions or by a fee based on a percentage of investment assets under their management. This article strives to help you better
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The Only Market Forecast Worth Standing By

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Irving Fisher, one of America’s most celebrated economists, famously, and disastrously, stated that stocks had reached a “permanently high plateau.” He had the unfortunate timing of doing this right before the economic collapse of the great depression. On occasion, very smart people
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Knowing When You Have Enough

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn “My love, how much money will be enough for us?” I asked this question to my wife rather seriously some time ago. Her reply: “The amount that we have right now.” To be honest, her reply took me off guard. It highlights
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