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Being smart with your money doesn’t have to be complicated.

Model Wealth provides straightforward, academically sound advice so you can enjoy peace of mind and have the security you’ve worked so hard to build.

Our fee-only structure can give you confidence that we are providing advice that benefits you, first and foremost.

We’re a great fit for anyone looking to gain confidence in their financial well-being. Our plans are detailed, tailored to you and highly practical. We excel with people who are nearing retirement or have recently retired. We want to optimize your unique situation to build a financial plan that enables you to live the life you want. We’re outstanding at helping you find portfolios that can sustain your lifestyle in retirement, keeping you sleeping soundly at night.

A client's success story

Two of our longest-tenured clients, Nick and Emily earned a middle-class income during their working years. And for the 19 years that we’ve known them, they always worried about their money. But their retirement dream was a home in Door County, Wisconsin. As they approached retirement, they had been looking at some modest houses in their desired location, simply basing what they could afford on the proceeds of their current home. Little did they know that they could afford a MUCH nicer home. Emily cried tears of happiness when we “gave them permission” to change their search parameters. They ended up buying a house we found with them on Redfin in our conference room!

These clients are a model of how persistence and consistency over the long-haul yields results, even– and especially– through market uncertainty. We engaged them at the tail end of the 2000-2002 crash and kept them invested through plunging markets in 2008-2009. After they retired in 2019, we kept them patient through the 2020 COVID stock market crash which drove stocks down by 30-40% in a matter of weeks. Having a plan in place gave them the confidence to stick with their portfolio through ups and downs. The result? Eventually growing a massive nest egg and gaining the freedom to buy their dream retirement home.

Meet the Team

At Model Wealth, we value collaboration. We capitalize on Randy, Alex and Anna’s strengths so you always get our best. Our process is highly interactive, ensuring that your financial plan fits your unique goals. Randy is a natural educator and is passionate about making financial know-how accessible, regardless of previous expertise. He loves seeing the light bulb come on – and he makes sure it does!

Alex is a wiz with numbers. He thrives on digging deeply into any unique questions that come our way, flushing out myriad possibilities to ensure that we are providing the best possible guidance. Anna geeks out about organization and efficiency to keep us on track and on schedule, ensuring that we provide answers to our clients in the timely manner that they deserve.

Randy Bruns, CFP® RICP®

Alex Offerman, CFP®

Anna Thornburg